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A royal response from IG Doors

Across all aspects of our business we pride ourselves on trying to work in partnership – whether that is with our customers, our supply chain, or our staff.

We just find that this is a better way to work; it suits are ethos, and we are certain that this approach will give us the opportunity to have a truly sustainable business model well into the future.

It is also why when we were recently asked to be a part of the team in a social project in Manchester to help regenerate a 62 house community, which included special accommodation for war veterans, we were delighted to do so. It ticked so many boxes in terms of what we try to achieve.

The first phase was to re-commission empty houses which had stood idle for so long; to bring them to life again as a focal point of a community – with living accommodation and a care centre– in this case for veterans with particular needs”.

Of course many of us have seen the various projects undertaken by the BBC DIY SOS team over a period of time; but their involvement in the regeneration scheme at Canada Street in the East of Manchester is perhaps their most ambitious to date, and it was particularly enjoyable to see the latest episode featuring the princes William and Harry visiting the site and getting involved hands on.

It made us very proud to have been a part of it, and as a social project we are delighted to have been involved.

The kind of publicity which we as a company can get from this is huge, and it is our hope that it can help all of our customers and suppliers along the way as well.

It was a great achievement by the DIY SOS team to pull this off and to get such high profile visitors to the site. It was great to watch the TV coverage as the royal visitors passed by IG Doors installed into the newly regenerated homes and looking fantastic; we wish the war veterans the best of luck in their new community and hope we have played a small part in making their homes safe and secure.

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