GRP Fibrecolour Doors

IG Doors' range of glass reinforced polymer (GRP) composite doors combines stunning looks with high performance and low maintenance.

Where a particular project requires a top-of-the-range door product, the GRP Fibrecolour door fits the bill. Custom built to developers' requirements for both new build and refurbishment applications, high performance GRP Fibrecolour doors will outperform their more traditional solid timber and PVCu counterparts. The durable construction of the glass reinforced polymer slab makes it tough enough to resist dents and to minimise the effect of scratches, whilst remaining completely resistant to all that the weather can throw at it. With a GRP Fibrecolour door, you can be assured that the realistic timber good looks will stand the test of time.

GRP Fibrecolour doors are supplied as complete systems consisting of doors pre-hung in frames fitted with weathersealing components to ensure maximum effectiveness with minimum site labour.

GRP Fibrecolour door specifications

Door Construction

GRP Fibrecolour doors are constructed using two 2mm thick GRP woodgrain skins permanently bonded to a perimeter sub-frame of synthetic material and filled with an insulating polyurethane core. The rigid polyurethane foam core is CFC and HCFC free, has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero and a global warming potential (GWP) of less than five. The synthetic material of the sub-frame can be worked in a similar way to timber. GRP Fibrecolour doors can be trimmed in width and cut down in height, allowing doors to be sized to fit existing openings for refurbishment projects. The slab construction provides a fully sealed product impervious to moisture.

Thermal Performance

GRP Fibrecolour doors have a U value through the doors of 0.55W/m2K, equivalent to approximately four solid timber doors. U values of doorsets for use in building regulation calculations are available from our Technical Department.

Fire Resistance

Selected door styles are available as FD30, FD30S and Secured by Design accredited.

  • GRP Fibrecolour doors feature realistic timber texturing to provide all the natural beauty of timber with none of the disadvantages.
  • GRP doors provide an aesthetically similar alternative to solid timber doors but do not warp, bow or split.
  • Excellent sound and thermal performance
  • Thermal insulation value of up to four times that of a solid timber door
  • Tough enough to resist dents and to minimise the effect of scratches
  • Available in a choice of five self coloured finishes
  • Available in a choice of two authentic timber stain factory finishes
  • Available in primer finish for on-site painting if required
  • Environmentally friendly polyurethane insulating foam core
  • Durable construction with GRP skins
  • Available in a range of standard sizes for new build or bespoke sizes for refurbishment work
  • Available with a wide range of ironmongery and glazing options
  • Superb performance and low maintenance